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i'm just a girl :) Born as a mixed blood of Lun Bawang + Iban. Preferably called as Anak Kacukan. A student from faculty of HBP USM, taking a Bachelor of Construction Management (3years). Holding the words of God, Amsal 16:3. It inspired and gives hope to my life. =)

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Yesterday, I went to a friend's house in somewhere Bukit Jambul, Penang for visiting her sister in law. So, on our way went to her brother's house, I really love the scenery along the roads. A nature view. I just feels like I'm actually at the land of Borneo. Just before we park our car, all I could see is a high rise apartment. A real tall apartment. Feeling a little bit scared. So, one of our friend said that we are gonna go to level 19/21. And I was like, "are you kidding me?" And yes, she wasn't kidding at all. So we went up using the provided lift, and the moment I stepped outside the lift, all I can feel is the buiding is gonna collapsed. But with faith, I tried to push myself and be brave for once to walk. Just imagine, you are in the level 19 and all you could watch is the hills and forest. I am so scared to fall. I did tried to look down and it was scary! Anyway, I am proud of my braveness for not turning back. Maybe next time I should try more extreme one. Walk along a corridor at level 30? Maybe? Haha.

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